Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The following statement sets out details of the policy adopted by Space Allegiances, BN 515176774 (as follows we, us), who operate the internet site addressed / (as follows the website, the site, it) which is intended to provide its users (as follows you, they) with information regarding our products and services, pricing and proposals and direct mailing service.

We encourage our site users to carefully read our privacy policy in order to elucidate upon the nature of the data we collect, the purpose or extent to which we use and process said data and the third parties to which we may disseminate such information.

 Under no account shall personal data be collected prior to the user’s expressed consent, nor shall recorded personal data be distributed to third parties for commercial purposes. However, it should be noted that some information is collected automatically during standard use of the site. The following policy outlines the various potential application of personal and/or other data that may be gathered when accessing the website.

Any questions addressing the data collected or your privacy may be addressed via phone, e-mail or conventional mail as follows.



Mailing Address:

Article 1 – Nature and Use of Collected Data.

We request personal data for the following purposes: 1. In order to supply the user with a service quote in response to request. 2. In order to register users to our direct mailing service. 3. In order for users to utilize the “contact” service. 4. In order to complete a purchase and provide tailored services, products, shipping and so forth.

The following information may be requested upon use of the website: 1. Name and surname. 2. E-mail address. 3. Name of organization represented by the user. 4. Shipping address.

Recorded information is stored in a database, upon local secured servers within the state of Israel. Said information shall not be transferred and stored permanently outside of Israel short of user consent. However, there are third party providers who receive information from us in order to help us track and improve our service while providing the user with specific services.  The aforementioned third-party providers may reside outside the state of Israel in foreign states that either meet or exceed Israel’s data security and privacy standards.

Article 2 – Agreement Request

When a user provides personal information for the purpose of a service quote, registration for direct mailing or a contact reply, we shall request an expressed consent to collect and make use of said personal information. Needless to say, such use falls solely within the confines detailed previously.

If we should request information for various supplemental purposes, we will require your expressed consent and give you the option to refuse such a request.

The users hereby approve that they understand their right to refuse provision of personal data and that if you shall do so, you willingly consent to our collection and storage of personal information across our servers.

The user hereby declares that the personal information provided is accurate and correct and is specified expressively and freely.  The user hereby consents and agrees that our use of provided personal information does not constitute a breach of any privacy right and you hereby relinquish any claim of breach or prosecution in regard to privacy as a result of the data collected in this website, or its use carried out under the specifications of this privacy notice.

The users are free to withdraw their consent for data collection and retract their previous agreement at any time by contacting our organization using any of the previously provided contact methods.  

Article 3 – Personal Information Disclosure

Under no circumstances shall we transfer, sell, rent or disclose any user’s personal information to third parties for commercial purposes. However, we are permitted to share personal information with third parties under the following conditions:

If we are obligated to do so by law, warrant or court order, or in a case in which you have violated the terms of use of either the website or this privacy policy.

If we are notified by a third party or have reasonable cause to suspect that you have used or intend to use the website in order to commit or solicit another to partake in any illegal, harmful or immoral activity that may violate public policy.

In order to make use of our direct mailing service, or any other service for which we employ third parties or sub-contractors.

Under circumstantial proceedings in which we merge with or may be acquired by a third party, or collaborate with a third party in order to provide the user with a proposal and/or sale of our proprietary rights.

We abide by data security regulations and take all required precautionary measures to protect your information and demand the same level of security from our third-party associates. However, we cannot guarantee our third-party associates data security and you hereby relinquish us from being held accountable and waive any claim that stems from violation, misuse, or damages imposed by or as a result of third-party measures.

Article 4 – Direct Mail Service

You are given an option to subscribe to our direct mail service via the website and are requested to agree to the terms of use before you provide us with personal information for the completion of the process. If you should choose to do so, you hereby agree to receive marketing information in the form of pamphlets, reviews and various other promotional materials via E-mail, MMS, SMS, IM services, fax, phone, conventional mail or any other form of communicational platforms that we see fit to utilize, regardless of whether or not you are familiar with them at the time of agreement. Upon agreement to register for our mailing service you waive any legal claim or demand in regard to receiving promotional material from us or third parties on our behalf. Furthermore, you hereby confirm that our direct mailing service does not constitute an infringement upon your rights, nor will you have any claim, complaint or demand from us in regard to receiving promotional material via direct mailing as long as you do not remove your name from our mailing list and remain under agreement to receive such material.

At any point in which you wish to cease receiving promotional material via our direct mailing service, you are permitted to terminate your direct mail agreement by informing us via our contact email or by pressing the remove button positioned at the bottom of all our promotional mail.

Article 5 – Third Party Services

Third party suppliers from whom we receive services collect and make use of your personal data solely for the purpose of supplying us with the service that was commissioned. That being said, our service providers have independent privacy policies by which they abide.

We make use of third-party providers who receive your email addresses in order to supply you with our direct mailing and help us customize your service.

In order to gain insight into the way your personal data is treated, we encourage you to read our third-party service provider’s privacy policies as they have separate and distinctive policies that may differ from ours. We emphasize that the information transferred to third party suppliers is stored confidentially and securely by our associates.

Please keep in mind that third party suppliers may be located across various jurisdictions. Therefore, if you should choose to employ services provided by our third-party associates, your information may be subject to the supplier’s jurisdictional laws.

Article 6 – Links

When you tap a link on our website, you may be directed to an external site. Upon redirection from our website, this privacy policy is no longer valid. We are not to be held accountable for auxiliary privacy policies generated by other businesses and recommend that you review such policies in order to understand what personal data may be collected, for what purposes and under which jurisdiction.

Article 7 – Security

In order to secure your personal data, we implement industry standard information security measures and follow legislation pertaining to data security and privacy. We meet the applicable guidelines in order to ensure your personal data is not lost, misused, subject to unauthorized access or altered in any manner. Your data is stored on secured servers and can be accessed strictly by authorized personnel.

Article 8 – Cookies

Cookies are computer files that are implanted by a browser when a website is accessed. We make use of cookies in order to collect non identifying data for statistical analysis, performance enhancement, bug fixes and various other measures required for seamless access to the site’s services.  We have detailed the cookies below in order to clarify and provide you with an informed choice into whether or not you would like to accept or deny cookie data collection when browsing on the site. Please not that denying certain cookies may lead to reduced performance, poorer user experience and may partially or completely deny access to some sites.

The following cookies are used on our website:

Functional Cookies: Used to enhance the site’s functionality. For example: monitoring and routing user activity on the website in order to ensure optimal and successive performance.

Statistics/Performance Cookies: Used to collect information pertaining to how you browse a website in order to help the provider improve user experience on the site.

Advertising Cookies: Allow advertisers to profile their target customers by analyzing user patterns when browsing a website. Used by both ourselves and our third-party associates in order to offer targeted content, service or products.

We make use of third-party cookies and encourage you to review third party associate’s cookie policies using the following links:

Google Analytics

Google Ad-words




Article 9 – Age of Digital Consent

Consent to the terms and conditions clause is permissible solely for adults as defined by the state or county in which you reside. Under aged minors require adult consent in the form of a digital consent form in order to allow a minor under custody to make use of this website and provide personal information.

Article 10 – Amendment to this Privacy Policy

We maintain our right to amend this privacy notice at any time. Therefore, we request that you review this policy regularly as clarifications to our privacy policy shall be instituted immediately upon publication within the site. In order to maintain transparency in regard to the nature of data  collected, the circumstances under which it is used, and how or if it is disclosed to third parties, we shall note in the website when significant changes to this policy are enacted.

Article 11 – Questions and Contact Information

If you should choose to review our database for your stored personal data, or wish to amend or delete personal data in our possession, please file a suitable request. If you wish to receive further information, please contact us using the standard methods listed in the first page of this policy.